Tenant Handbook

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Elevator Service

Elevator service is available 24 hours a day. After normal business hours, you must use your access card to access the elevators at the lobby level. If an elevator fails to operate properly, please notify the Shorenstein Realty Services Management Office or Denver City Center Security immediately.


If for some reason an elevator does malfunction and you are detained inside the elevator cab, remain calm. Modern elevator technology makes it virtually impossible for the elevator to fall. There is no physical danger in a stalled elevator, only the inconvenience of waiting to be released. Push the Emergency Call Button (lower left panel of old elevator cabs, RED button, right side panel, on new elevator cabs), inside of the elevator cab to notify the Security Desk of your predicament. (The emergency call button in the Johns Manville Plaza elevators is at the bottom of either button panel). You will be contacted through an intercom system and given instructions on what to do. The elevator company will be notified immediately and a technician dispatched to correct the problem. During business hours, these technicians are usually on-site and can respond very quickly. Building staff and/or Security will remain in constant contact and let you know what is being done.