Tenant Handbook

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Telecom Providers

707 17th Street and Johns Manville Plaza Telecom Providers

Montgomery Technologies has been designated as the riser management company for Denver City Center. For all items related to telecommunications and cable runs, please contact Montgomery Technologies at 844 824 0100 or service@montgomerytech.net.

All telecommunication and cable installation into the building and vertical riser system must be reviewed and approved by Montgomery Technologies and Shorenstein Realty Services prior to installation.

If telegraph or telephonic service is desired, the wiring for the same shall be approved by Landlord, and no boring or cutting for wiring shall be done unless approved by Landlord or its representatives, as stated. The electric current shall not be used for space heaters unless written permission to do so shall first have been obtained from Landlord or its representatives in writing, and at an agreed cost to Tenant.