Tenant Handbook

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Severe Weather and Natural Disasters

The U.S. Weather Service reports the movement of severe weather that may present a threat to metropolitan area. Tenants have the choice of evacuating or remaining in the Building during a severe weather alert. If your company decides to evacuate the Building, notify the Incident Commander of your intention to do so. If an early alert is given by the U.S. Weather Service and a decision is made to remain in the Building, certain steps can be taken to prepare for the severe weather.

Tenants should maintain an inventory of first aid and emergency supplies to be used during severe weather.

Notify the Building Management Office of all leaks, fires, and structural or other damage during or after the storm.

If informed by the U.S. Weather Service that severe weather is imminent, follow the steps below:

  • Move to core areas of the Building
  • Take cover in an interior hallway
  • Stay away from doors and windows
  • Close perimeter doors behind you



Tornados are a potential threat from April through September in the Denver metro area and could cause electrical and power to be disrupted. The U.S. Weather Service reports the movement of storms that may present a threat to the Denver area. The U.S. Weather Service may place the Denver metro area on alert with a tornado watch or tornado warning, the difference between the two alerts are outlined below.


  • When a tornado WATCH is announced, this means that tornadoes are expected in, or near the Denver metro area. Keep your radio or television tuned to a local station for information and advice from your local government and the weather service. Also keep watching the sky. If you see any revolving, funnel shaped clouds, report them to the local authorities by dialing 911.


  • When a tornado WARNING is issued, it means that a tornado has actually been sighted, or has been Indicated by radar, and this or other tornadoes may strike in your vicinity. Public warning will come over the radio, TV, or by five-minute steady blasts of siren by the Civil Defense warning system.


An announcement shall be made by using the public address system to warn tenants that a tornado warning/watch has been issued for the Denver metro area, and that it is advisable to have all tenants move to a safe location in the building away from the exterior glass and not to exit the building until the threat has passed and an all clear is given.


The bathrooms and stairway areas of all the building’s levels will provide the best protection in a tornado. If you hear a Civil Defense siren and/or tornado advisory announcement in the building, please proceed to one of those areas.


After the storm, please report all safety hazards such as exposed wiring, broken glass, etc., to the Shorenstein Realty Services Management Office. The building’s Emergency Action Team will conduct a thorough search for safety hazards and repairs will be made as quickly as possible. Please check with the management office or Security Desk before leaving the building, as it may not be safe outside of the building due to falling debris and/or glass from other buildings.