Tenant Handbook

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Maintenance Requests

Denver City Center utilizes a web-based tenant request system called MRI Angus http://www.srstenantportal.com/.This is a user-friendly application that requires login credentials that tenants can access from the convenience of their desk using an Internet browser. Angus enables you to enter and track all services requested, view the status of your requests at anytime from anywhere and to view and download billable request detail information. Please contact the Building Manage­ment Office to learn how to become an Angus user for your organization.


Maintenance requests or requests for service of any kind can be made by clicking here.


Engineering and maintenance personnel are available Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For emergency maintenance after normal business hours, please contact the Denver
City Center Security Desk at 303 295 0335 for 707 17th Street or 303 292 3398 for Johns Manville Plaza.
This phone is answered 24 hours daily.


Some maintenance requests may require the use of an outside vendor. For those items the engineering staff will send an authorization request through Angus for tenant approval. Once the request for tenant authorization is approved the vendor will be dispatched to complete the work order. This process can also be used for smaller items such as additional electrical outlets, plumbing repairs to private sinks and other such requests. You will be billed on your rental statement when the work is complete.